Who NHL Players are Following on Twitter

Who and what NHL athletes gravitate toward

Analyzing the entire network of NHL players, and who they're following, yields interesting and amusing results.

This article will explore and visualize the data.

Most Popular

Bob Mckenzie is by far the most popular follow among NHL players. He's followed more than both the official NHL and NHLPA accounts.

The most followed person not associated with the NHL is Tiger Woods.

Mike Commodore is followed by less than 100,000 people but followed by 140 NHL players.

#NameUsername# of NHL Players Followed by
1Bob McKenzie@TSNBobMcKenzie373
4Paul Bissonnette@BizNasty2point0292
5Darren Dreger@DarrenDreger292
6Pierre LeBrun@PierreVLeBrun245
7Elliotte Friedman@FriedgeHNIC165
8The Players' Tribune@PlayersTribune158
9Tiger Woods@TigerWoods151
10James Duthie@tsnjamesduthie146
11Kevin Weekes@KevinWeekes144
12Mike Commodore@commie22140
13Rory McIlroy@McIlroyRory134
14Bucci Mane@Buccigross132
15Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump130
16Jay Onrait@JayOnrait130
17Jeremony Roenick@Jeremy_Roenick129
18Barstool Sports@barstoolsports128
19CNN Breaking News@cnnbrk125
20not Dany Heatley@DanyAllStar15121
21Jimmy Fallon@jimmyfallon118

You can download a longer list of the top people that players follow here

Other Team Sports

Among NHL players, the NFL is the most popular on Twitter.


Individual sports

Wayne vs. Paulina

It isn't a competition, but surprisingly being the greatest of all time doesn't necessarily mean you're the most popular on social media (or even in your family).

53 NHL players follow Paulina Gretzky, 44 NHL players follow Wayne Gretzky



Some players are interested in Nasa, SpaceX, or Elon Musk. No one is following Blue Origin (@blueorigin) yet though!


Breaking Bad

Visualizing the players interested in 'Breaking Bad' and (some) of its actors; Sam Ganger is apparently quite the fan.


Console Wars

Visualizing the console wars. Xbox is the favorite among players.


Amusing Footnotes

Patrick Kaleta is the only player in the NHL following @WWE, Yannick Weber is the only player following @WWF

A surprising number of players follow the parody account @SidneyCrosbyEgo


No one follows any of the fake/parody Gary Bettman accounts that are on Twitter

Zach Boychuk follows 730,000+ people on Twitter. For reference, everyone in the entire NHL, omitting the few players who follow more than 3000 people, only follow around 125,000 people in total

Disclaimers (Boring Information)

The data that was analyzed was captured between August 4th and 5th in 2017.

I omitted any NHL player accounts following more than 3000 people from this analysis.

The player list is built from this Twitter list. I noticed that it contains a few mistakes but everyone on the list appears to either be in the NHL or a recent ex-NHL player.

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